Thursday, 9 June 2011

New stock in this week...Literary Tea Bags!

We are thrilled to have in stock this week...
 ...Novel Teas - Literary Tea Bags!

Let’s face it, there are days when the same old teabag just won’t do   .
Spend tea time with CS Lewis, Rita Mae Brown, Alice Hoffman, and more as they share their thoughts on the delights and comforts of tea and books on each individually printed tea tag.  
There is no better company than a steaming cup of tea as you open the cover of a favorite classic or turn the page of the latest thriller. Whether traveling to distant times and far off lands or discovering new characters in a nearby locale, a soothing cup of tea makes the journey more pleasurable and the memory lasting.
Novel Teas are the perfect compliment to your literary journey. Enjoy them iced by the pool for that steamy summer romance, or hot by the hearth for that long winter epic.
Novel Teas ~ natures story unfolded in every leaf. 
Read ‘em and steep!  
Novel Teas ~ 25 Literary Tea Bags Boxed

Novel Teas ~ 5 Literary Tea Bags (Pouch)
Visit for all these and much, much more!

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